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What do YOU want?

How about: the exact lead system that put one salesman in the
Guiness book of Records as the #1 Salesman in the world"

and the prospecting piece that empowered a 5'1" Insurance agent to
SELL $200 Million of Life Insurance and buy the Insurance Company!

Hi I'm Denny Lobach and nearly every salesperson I speak with tells me they have a problem with either:>...not enough LEADS or getting past the GATEKEEPERS.

After 25 years of using almost every method to generate leads for myself and my salesreps I have discovered a nearly perfect solution that is far more successfull and much less expensive than any method I've ever seen, and I'm offering it to you FREE.
Just help us and take the survey below if you believe you can sell but
need quality leads with qualified prospects and a way to get past Gatekeepers.
Just like in the 'Bonus Round' on TV... if you fill in all the survey fields with serious answers
 I'll send you a special bonus of 30 reports detailing how to get all the leads you want and need!
*1. Do You have a BIGGER problem with having enough LEADS OR getting past GATEKEEPERS or SALES SKILLLS? List all additional areas that may be a problem for you.
*2. Do you sell primarily to Small Business, Big Business or Individuals?
*3. Are you a Llife & Health or a P&C agent, Series 6, 7, etc. licenses, or other?
*4. Do you market to or have clients in any of these niches?
   * Accountants, * Chiropractors, * Insurance Agents,
   * Dentists, * Carpet Cleaners, * Real Estate Agents,
   * Lawyers * Mortgage Brokers, * Small Business Owners

(Also List any other Micro Niche markets you consistantly work in)

*5. Do you Recruit Agents or Own an Agency with agents that need high quality leads?
*6. Do you own or have you read any of these books?              
*See You at the Top ~ Zig Ziglar
  The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People ~ Stephen Covey
  You Can't teH  kid to ride a biclycle at a seminar ~ David Sandler  
  How To Sell Anything to Anyone Tom Hopkins
*Blue Ocean Stratgey ~ Kim & Mauborgne
*Free ~ Chris Anderson
*The Ultimate Referal Card Marketing System ~ David Frey

The Magic Wand Question

Marketers call us all the time wanting us to do business with them by offering training, trips, better rates, higher commissions, expensive lead generation programs etc. etc. None of which seem to do much to help us with our two biggest problems; Enough LEADS and getting by the GATEKEEPERS ?

One weekend I invited some agents to spend a few days at a brain storming session at a cabin in the Georgia mountians. No cells, no texting no email.  The first question I asked was The "Magic Wand" question:

"Bill, if when a marketer called you on the phone you could, "Wave A Magic Wand" and the very first offer they made to you was exactly what you believe you need to make your business successful what would that be? "What does Bill want?

So if you were asked the 'Magic Wand" question.."What do you want?", what would your answer be???

**7 The Magic
      Wand Question
Obviously I need your information to send you this material (some by email and some by snail-mail and some by text ) so ... IF you've filled in all the survey fields with serious answers AND fill in the all contact informaton below, so we can talk on the phone (Yes I want to call you) so I can explain a never before taught method not in any of the material I send (I know... that sounds hypy-e but stay with me it's the truth) that you can impliment for free, of how to use this system to have all the leads you need, if you'll do that Ill also give you a copy of
The Ultimate Referal Card Marketing System... it's priceless.
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